cd / digital mastering:  1 song($75), 2-4 songs($65/ea), 5-10 songs($45/ea), 11 or more($40/ea). 

mastered for itunes / MFIT:  optimization of mastering for the itunes format.  masters are delivered to your distributor or label in a hi res format that has been tested with tools from apple to make sure there is no clipping after being converted to their Apple Codec format.  $25 extra per song.  

vinyl premasters:  Specially prepared high resolution files for delivery to the lacquer cutter or vinyl manufacturer.  One file for each side of the record with a cut sheet.  Free of charge as long as I know they are required ahead of time.  If vinyl premasters are asked for after the mastering session an additional $75 charge will apply.  

additional instrumental masters:  Free of charge if I have the instrumental mixes at the same time as the regular mixes.  If instrumentals mixes are provided after, an additional $75 charge will apply.  

cd master delivery:  DDP File (free) / PMCD ($20) / Physical Reference CDs ($5) / Online References (free)

upload your mixes:

equipment:  Pacific Microsonics, Berkely Audio Design, Maselec, Requisite Audio, Pendulum Audio, Dangerous Music, Weiss, Antelope Audio, Lipinski, REL, Bel Canto, Acoustic Zen,  EquitechKimber, Audioquest, Mundorf Capacitors, NOS Tubes by Mullard, RCA, Telefunken, Wavelab, Soundblade, Wave Editor

clients:  of Montreal, Shy Boys, J Fernandez, STRFKR, Shiner, Surface to Air Missive, Because, Weed, The Dandy Warhols, Chief Scout, Arc Flash, Pinko, The ACBs, The LIfe and Times, The Pedaljets, Outsides, Empty Moon, The Local Natives, Radiation City, Pillar Point, 7SMGMT, Polyvinyl Records, High Dive Records, Melkbelly, Lefse Records, See Through Dresses, Oquoa, Red Light Management, Ghosty, Aqualamb Records, Doris, Automatic Recordings, Bummer, Fourth of July, Fullbloods, Berwanger, Rooftop Vigilantes, Novelette, The Philistines, The Vincents, Minden, Mac Lethal, Soulcrate Music, Black Clover Records, etc.